2017 Season Starts Now!

With the signing of a 2017 contract with the Belle Vue Aces, Max has locked in a return to three of his 2016 teams, the Aces in the Premiership League in the UK, Rospiggarna in Sweden and ROW Rybnik in Poland.

Although Max is disappointed that new restrictions placed on riders competing in the Polish Ekstraliga limiting them to three leagues prevents a return to Region Varde in Denmark, he agrees that racing in the four leagues did present challenges last year due to fixture clashes when meetings had to be rearranged.

“The Lund family in Denmark are almost like a second family to me since I went to stay with them as a junior for an extended period in 2012 and I will miss seeing them on a regular basis” said Max.    “I’m also very grateful to Region Varde who have been really supportive of me since I started with them in 2014.  I hope to visit when I get a bit of a break in the season to catch up with them all and maybe see a match or two”.

Max will still be busy though as he has World U21 individual and team commitments and this year, through a sponsorship deal with Boll, will be participating in the Speedway Best Pairs Cup which is contested over three rounds.

The first of these meetings is scheduled for 25 March in Torun.  The teams are made up of squads representing their team sponsors with the Boll team comprising of fellow Australian and team mate from Rospiggarna, Jason Doyle and Rybnik team mate Grigorij Laguta.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the Boll team this year”, said Max.  “The Best Pairs Cup is a prestigious event and one I really wanted to be a part of.  To have been approached by Boll was a surprise and I’m very grateful they considered me for their team.  I hope that I can be a good back up for Jason and Grigorij and make a valuable contribution to ensure we get some good results for Boll.  Jason and Grigorij are great riders who are at the top of their game so I think we should be a strong team”.

Next on Max’s team calendar following this event will be the SGP Premiership Best Pairs where Max will be representing the Belle Vue Aces with team mate Craig Cook. This is the first UK team meeting scheduled for 31 March at Somerset and the field comprises two riders from each of the Premiership teams and looks really strong.

“The last time I contested a pairs meeting was in 2014 with the Edinburgh Monarchs in the lower league and this was also held at Somerset.  That time things went really well for Sam Masters and I and we won it.  To get a good result in an event like this both riders need to have everything going right and I just hope that Cookie and I can have a good day out and do well.

“I’ve enjoyed racing in the same team as Cookie since 2013, firstly at Edinburgh and then Belle Vue and we know each other really well.  Although we haven’t raced together that much lately due to our positions in the team, I know from our shared history that we do work well together so I think we can be competitive”.

Following this I have an individual event scheduled for 1 April at the National Speedway Stadium in Manchester, the Peter Craven Memorial.  I can’t wait to get back to doing some laps around this awesome stadium which is the home of the Belle Vue Aces and it will be good to get some time there testing my new bikes prior to UK League racing which commences soon.  There will be some challenge matches in Poland before their league meetings commence in April which is when the Swedish League racing also begins.