Team Boll showed why they are considered by some to be one of the favourites for the series when they made a great start at Torun last night finishing in second spot on the podium after a nail biting final saw Max and team mate Jason Doyle just miss out on the win.

Jason Doyle was the star of the team adding 13 points to the team’s total of 21+2. Max came into the competition after Grigorij Laguta experienced some problems after the first two heats and Max’s 7+1 points (including a win) from the 4 remaining rides, together with Jason’s total, was enough to get Boll into the semi final where they beat Monster Energy  Team for the last spot in the final.  They  now  faced defending champions, FOGO Power.    It was looking like a fairy tale end to the night with Max and Jason getting the gate over the Poles and holding their line for the first two laps however, on the third lap Poitr Pawliki cut back on the inside and passed both the Boll boys.  This was still enough to secure the win until the last bend when FOGO’s Bartosz Zmarzlik saw a slight gap on the inside and forced Max wide relegating him to last place.  Bartosz getting third was enough to secure FOGO Power the win.

“Prior to the competition I think we would have all been very happy to get second but it was bitter sweet because we were leading the final for most of the race until I made a slight mistake on the last bend and Bartosz got past me, said Max.

“I can’t believe that happened and even though I think second in a competition like this is extremely good, I will always kick myself a little bit.   I came to the event today just hoping for a ride so after the dust has settled I think I will be happy with how it all turned out” he continued.

Boll now head into the second round with 8 points, 2 behind FOGO Power on 10 and two clear of Monster Energy Team on 6.  The next round will be held on 2 May at Gniezno, Poland and Team Boll have shown they are true contenders for the title which will be contested over three rounds.

Grigorij Laguta, me and Jason Doyle.  Photo courtesy of Speedway Photo
Grigorij Laguta, me and Jason Doyle. Photo courtesy of Speedway Photo