Let’s go racing!

I came back to the UK mid February to start preparation  for the 2015 season and it seems like a long time since I’ve done any racing.

This finally changed this week and I’ve raced two meetings and it feels great to be back.

Usually there are a number of testimonials or individual events at the start of the season which gives the riders an opportunity to test their bike setups and get a little bit race ready before the league racing starts and I’ve participated in a couple of these.  I had my first outing this week when I raced in and individual event, the Bob Kilby Memorial, at Swindon where I scored 7 points and then last night was invited by Poole to guest for them at a challenge match against Somerset.

I’ve always liked the Somerset track and scored 11 + 2.   Sunday I’m looking forward to Chris Harris’ Testimonial which is to be held at Coventry and I really appreciate having these opportunities to get a bit of practice in prior to the league matches starting.

Because I’ve got to reapply for my visa it has meant that I haven’t been in a position to leave the country and therefore have missed the Rybnik test matches in Poland which has been very disappointing.   This should be sorted soon and I’ll be out there as soon as I can to try and get plenty of practice on their track prior to the Polish matches commencing.

I’m also looking forward to Belle Vue’s Press and Practice which is happening on Monday and spending some time with my team mates and meeting some of the Belle Vue fans before our first official match at home against Wolverhampton on  3 April.