One Title in the Bag – 2 still on offer

Premier League

Edinburgh Monarchs have taken out the first of a potential three titles for the 2014 season.

After our amazing run at the start of the season (until our first defeat at the hands of the Peterborough Panthers in July) and coming off the back of another run of 14 or so wins, the Edinburgh Monarchs were up against the Peterborough Panthers again in the final of the League Cup. We went back there for the first leg of the final determined to get a win so that we would have a good chance at taking the Title on the return leg at Edinburgh. After a very closely contested match we came away with a 2 point advantage to take to our home track and being undefeated all year at home, we were very confident that we had done enough to win the Cup – and we did.

The team has only been defeated on 4 occasions this year and have ended up being in the running for not only the League Cup, but also the Knock Out Cup (against Newcastle) and the Premier League Championships (against last year’s winners, Somerset).

These matches will be contested over the next two weeks and after the year we’ve had and the continued good form of the rest of the team, we are hopeful of taking out all three titles. Although it’s great to be in the position of qualifying for all three titles (a feat which I don’t know has ever been achieved before), the Premier League Championship is the big one and the one that we really want.

Personally, my form has continued to be very consistent with high scores being recorded both home and away. I’ve got my second 15 point full maximum and come close a number of times which has been good but at the same time annoying because I’ve just missed out by one or two points.

Elite League

My form has been such that I’ve continued to get guest bookings in the Elite League, predominantly for the Coventry Bees.

I have been replacing their No. 3 rider who is out injured and riding in the No. 3 spot is particularly challenging for a premier league rider. Most races are mostly against the top two riders in both teams which is a particularly daunting prospect.

My most recent guest appearance for Coventry was in the Play-Off Semi Final against Swindon. I was really happy that they considered me capable to fill the spot particularly as it was in a match which would either get them through to the final or end their season. This was a huge risk by the Coventry management and I’m happy to say I could repay their faith in me by taking 3 wins and 2 second places, again from the third heat leader position. The Bees post race report can be accessed here

The Bees are now in the Final for the 2014 Elite League Championships and I’m rapt to have been able to assist them to get to this position. Good luck Bees.


League Cup winners - Photo courtesy of Ron McNeill
League Cup winners - Photo courtesy of Ron McNeill