The new season begins…

I headed back to Edinburgh mid February to start setting myself up for the busy season ahead.  After lots of problems getting my equipment onto flights to transport back to the UK I arrived to face the prospect of rebuilding my bikes in freezing temperatures similar to last year.  Even though you know what to expect you forget just how cold it gets over here.


I set about ordering all the additional parts that I needed to get my two bikes completed for racing in the UK and then went over to Denmark to set up the bike that I’ll be riding when racing for the Outrup Speedway Club in Denmark.  Although the home meetings in Outrup are unfortunately also scheduled on Friday evenings (a direct clash with Edinburgh’s home meetings) I still hope to be in a position to race the away matches as often as they need me.  Schedule permitting, there should be a few opportunities that I can race with the team on their home track throughout the season.  This set up time provided me with a chance to catch up with the Lund family who were so good to me when I spent time in Denmark in preparation for the Youth Gold Trophy in 2012.  Big thanks also to Kristian Lund from KL Support for helping me with my bike building, the supply of parts and so many other things.


I unfortunately missed the first practice session at Torun in Poland due to some of my equipment not being ready but managed to make the 2nd session for a couple of days from 19 March and it was great to meet some of the team management, team mates and fans.  I was totally blown away by the Torun stadium and feel really privileged to have been given the chance to ride there.  I realise this is a great opportunity for me and I intend to make the most of what I can learn here and will try to get over there as often as my racing schedule will allow.   Torun have been really supportive of me and I hope to be able to put in some good performances to repay the faith they have shown in me.  I was really happy with the way the practice session finished up and can’t wait to get back for some more track time against some of the quality riders that race there.

Press and Practice

The Edinburgh Monarchs had our Press and Practice day this week and it was great to get the whole team together for the first time.  The team has got some talented riders in it this year and I feel pretty confident that the Monarchs will again be in the right position come play off time at the end of the season to be taking part.  Everyone had the opportunity to get out on the track, some of them for the first time, and everyone looked really good.  Pretty excited for our first meeting against Glasgow this week which is a “friendly” meeting to raise funds for our new airfence which was installed recently and looks great.  Can’t wait to get some racing underway.

Torun team manager showing me around the stadium  - Awesome place
Torun team manager showing me around the stadium - Awesome place
The Scotwaste Monarchs 2014 team
The Scotwaste Monarchs 2014 team