Going down in the Grand Final

The Premier League Grand Final was run over two meetings – one at each team’s home track.  Because Somerset finished top of the league ladder they had the choice of which meeting to have at their track and they chose the last one.  This meant that we were to race at home on 25 October and then the return match at Somerset on the 28th.

The Monarchs knew if we were to have any chance of beating Somerset over the two legs we were going to need to take a pretty good point advantage to the 2nd leg at Somerset.

We started off well and held the lead for the entire 1st match but my Hungarian team mate, Joszef Tabaka, unfortunately had a really bad crash and broke his leg and was unable to finish the meeting.  This did put us at disadvantage and we only managed to finish the meeting with a 2 point lead.

The final match had us one rider down and we had to use the rider replacement option for Joszef.  We fought really hard to try and keep that 2 point lead and the entire team rode really well but the Rebels were too strong and won the meeting by 5 points making it only a three point difference on aggregate.  Well done Rebels.  We’ve had some great matches against Somerset this year but at the end of the day, they were the better performing team over the two legs and deserved the win.

Although it would have been amazing to win the Premier League Final in my first year, the Edinburgh Monarchs have had a really successful year and I was just happy to end the season being able to compete in the league final.  The morale within the team has been fantastic and I feel very lucky to have ridden with such a great bunch of guys who were always looking out for each other.   Thanks to my team mates, the management and fans for making my first year in the UK so enjoyable.