Injury Update

I’ve had a setback.

We were up against one of our main rivals, the Somerset Rebels, in the semi final of the Premier League Knock Out Cup last week (which is a separate competition to the League ladder) and I had two really bad accidents, the first in the leg contested at Somerset on Tuesday and then again in the return leg at Armadale last Friday night.  Both accidents were through the fence and in both instances I wrecked a bike.

The problem with the accidents is they were no fault of my own but it’s cost me over 3000 pounds in repairs to my bikes. To make matters worse, the second one at Armadale was particularly rough and I fell badly and have really hurt my back which has put me out of racing for the time being.  I’m not sure how long I will be out but hopefully I can rest up and be back racing in a couple of weeks.

There doesn’t seem to be much separating Edinburgh and Somerset and our contests this year have provided some of the closest and best racing in the Premier League.  After completing the two legs of the match we’ve ended up in a draw and will have to be rerun both legs to determine who goes through to the final.  Hopefully, I will be OK to contest the rematch. I really want to be in good form for the Premier League playoffs and to end the season on a high.