Moving to Reserve – temporarily

I was moved to the reserve position within the team at the beginning of June and this provided me with easier heats due to the start positions allocated to the No. 7 rider in the team.  This stint at reserve has done my confidence the world of good as I’ve managed to score double figures in most of our home and away meetings.    It also has given me the opportunity to take additional rides in the place of some of my team mates if they are injured or away which gives me more track time.  Any extra time I can get on the tracks is a bonus.  I am still getting used to the difficult home track at Armadale and seem to do better at the away meetings but I’m happy to be contributing valuable points to my team’s tally each week.

Because I’ve done so well there I’m likely to be moved back into the main body of the team in the next week or so as my average has been reassessed and will be too high to continue at reserve.   This will put me into more difficult heats again but I see this as an opportunity to further improve my skills against tougher competition which has always helped me in the past.

Close racing at Armadale - I'm in the blue helmet

Close racing at Armadale – I’m in the blue helmet.  Photo courtesy of Ron MacNeill