Edinburgh on the Telly

If you were awake at 4.30 am on 11 June and subscribe to Foxtel’s SPEED TV, you would have seen a great speedway battle between the Edinburgh Monarchs and the Somerset Rebels. About four times a year UK Premier League matches are televised live and it just happened that the one from Somerset was scheduled for the date that the Monarchs came to race.

It was my second meeting since I’d been moved to the reserve position in the team and I was feeling much more comfortable there and had scored 6 points at home on my first outing. For the televised match we were pitted against one of the League Championship favourites on their home track.

It was an epic battle with the Monarchs trailing all night until heat 14 when I was up. We were still two points in arrears and I got a good start to lead the heat from the gate to the finish. My team mate, Joszef Tabaka, put in a great ride fighting off the two Rebels behind to take second place. This put us two points up heading into the final race and with Craig Cook as our No. 1 we knew we had it won.

I finished the night with two wins, a second and two thirds and contributed 10 points to my team’s efforts.

We followed up our next away meeting with Newcastle in the same fashion also heading into heat 14 2 points in arrears and we finished the meeting off in exactly the same way. This time though I followed our team captain Derek Sneddon home for second place which again putting us 2 points ahead prior to the last race. The atmosphere in the pits and the stands was amazing but once again Cookie brought home the win for the team.

After these performances there is quite a bit of a buzz about the Monarchs and these two meetings in particular as they were very exciting come from behind wins.

Monarchs celebrate the win with fans at Newcastle

Monarchs celebrate the win with fans at Newcastle – Photo courtesy of Ron MacNeill