First Win As A Monarch

Seems like it has taken forever but I have finally achieved my first race win as a Monarch.

Although I was on the pace at our home track meeting against the Plymouth Devils on Friday 17 May, I was again struggling to make a good starts which put me behind the eight ball in each heat. My gating was the main reason my score for the nights racing was just one point. This result left me feeling disappointed but fortunately once again a fantastic performance was given by the rest of the team and we won the match 56 – 36. My riding has been improving with every match but sometimes my starts let me down. I am determined to sort this out and at the end of the night during the second half practice we changed my clutch setup hoping to be on the pace the following night at Plymouth.

Since my parents went home I’ve been managing things on my own pretty well but I’m on a huge learning curve. Steven and Gemma Lumsden, who I’m staying with, have been great with their support helping me with day to day things but with the bikes, sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on the one thing that gets the bike to pull cleanly off the start. I am really fortunate to have the help and support of my team mates around me. As soon as racing was competed I faced another late night preparing my bikes as we had a very early start the next day for the long 8 and a half hour trip to Pymouth for the return match and I was really hoping for a more successful night. This was my first look at the Plymouth track and it must be one of smallest tracks in the league.  This can cause problems for some but I felt pretty comfortable on it. With some changes to my clutch setup my starts were better and I recorded a 2nd and 3rd in earlier heats and then won my 4th heat and ended up with 6 +2 points for the night. Although I knew a win wasn’t going to be too far away, I was wrapped to be able to help the team by adding to the overall score. It was another strong team effort by all the Edinburgh riders and we again came out winning the night by a margin of 9 points. The win was not expected by many as it is really difficult to come away with all the points at an away match.

The Monarchs are shaping up really well in the Premier League this year and I feel fortunate to be part of such a strongly performing team and morale is high which is great. With my first win under my belt I’m confident I can continue to improve and help build our team into the top team in the Premier League.


The Edinburgh Monarchs Team
The Edinburgh Monarchs Team