Europe – here I come!

With continued support from my family, friends and the Mansfield community, I packed my bags and headed off to Denmark on the 24th of May. I am really lucky to have the opportunity to ride a new 80 cc speedway bike so I am looking forward to getting some practice and helping with setting up my new machinery in preparation for contesting the Junior World Speedway Championships in Sweden.

I’ve been fortunate to be supported by Kristian Lund and his family from KLSupport at  Outrup in Denmark, who have supplied me with a great bike that I can race during my time in Denmark and also at the World Championships in July.   Kristian has signed me up with a local Club in the Danish Junior League so that I can get some very valuable racing against some of the competitors that will be favorites to do well in the World Titles.  I’ve already started racing and this is giving me some time to set myself up properly on the bike and master the different riding style that is required to ride the 80cc bikes.  I feel like I’ve had quite a break from riding so it’s great to get back on the bike and racing again.

I will head to Vetlanda in Sweden late June to get ready for the Titles that will run for four days through quarter and semi finals where I hope to do well enough to secure one of the final 16 places which will enable me to compete for the run off in the main final scheduled for 8 July.

After competing at the Junior World Titles I will pack up again and head for England and Scotland where I hope to do some test rides at various tracks throughout the UK with a view to scoring a full time ride over the next couple of years.