Poland Wrap Up

The racing in Poland has been fantastic. To have the opportunity to race against so many different and really good riders was challenging, rewarding and although quite stressful, great fun.

The first day, which was the quarter finals, was a pretty good day. There were 16 of us in my round of heats with all of us getting 5 races each which ensures that we race against everyone once. I rode really consistently and managed to top score on 12 points with two other riders. This meant that we had to race off to determine placings.

The ride off went OK and I managed a third place but more importantly, immediate progression to the semi finals which I was pretty happy about.

The semi finals was not such a great day…. Although I got 2 firsts and 2 thirds I missed out on points altogether in one of my heats and this placed me equal with three other riders on 8 points and there was only one spot left for progression into the finals. This meant another ride off to see which one of us would go through. I tried really hard, probably too hard, to secure this spot and tangled with another rider and came off. No finals for me. I was really disappointed as I desperately wanted that spot but like they say, “that’s racing”. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you had hoped or planned. I had to sit on the sidelines throughout the finals and watch the other Aussie, Brady Kurtz, contest the finals. Brady put in a couple of really good races before being injured and he also ended up having one of those days that you’d rather forget. He did a really great job though and the racing was good to watch.

I was invited to join the Finland team to make up numbers in the teams event on the last day which gave me another opportunity to participate in some serious racing. I did manage to again put in some really consistent rides and got 5 second places which made me the top scorer for the team. We ended up with a third place overall so we were all happy with that.

This experience has been such a good one for me. I still can’t believe that I was even able to come over here and compete in this event. I’ve made some valuable contacts, met some really interesting people and made many new friends. So many people over here have been really helpful, supportive and encouraging.

Once again though, I want to thank the many sponsors who have made all of this possible for me. Without their support and generosity I would not have been able to come and for that I will be forever grateful.

I’m now on my way back to Scotland where I have a 500cc speedway bike waiting for me to take it for some more test runs and practice rides at some of the tracks back there. Hopefully, I will also get the opportunity to travel a little further afield and visit some other tracks in the north of England.

Thank you all so much – MAX